1. Made of solid wood

TEWO is a new, patented building element that combines the best features of timber framing and solid wood in one high-quality product in terms of strength, building time and the environment.

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2. Indoor climate

TEWO is one of the very few building systems to have received Technical Approval without the use of plastic diffusion barriers. The system ensures a diffusion open, breathable structure which results in a fresher, healthier indoor climate. In addition, wood has many health-promoting properties such as its ability to balance the humidity content of the air, store heat and absorb sound. 

3. Cuts building time

By using TEWO´s building system, you can reduce building time by up to 70% compared to structures built on site. Standard elements and solutions for corners, canopies and joints are an extremely efficient method of optimising the amount of time spent on actual building work.

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4. Approvals

TEWO has undergone numerous tests and certifications at the bottom of the page, you can find the Sintef Technical Approval. In addition to that, we have been awarded excellent environmental certification and EPD´s, etc.

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