Unlike in the concrete industry, it has been an ongoing challenge to develop production lines for lumber- particularly construction elements - that are both efficient and can handle large volumes.
This has meant that wood has not been the preferred choice in building projects, especially for larger public and commercial buildings.
TEWO believes that it has solved this problem by focussing on the automated production of a generic building block. Our new production lines allow us to deliver the equivalent of up to 1.5 houses per day in capacity..

TEWO´s manufacturing facility is located at Flaen Saw & Planing Mill in Hurdal Municipality, 30 minutes from Oslo´s Gardemoen Airport and just 55 minutes from Oslo. Both Hurdal and FLAEN have a long tradition of timber processing and are located close to transportation hubs which means that we can deliver goods efficiently all over Norway, which is not only cost-effective, it is also good for the environment as well.


We have developed a generic, insulated solid wood element which can be mass produced.
Our efficient manufacturing process makes us competitive in the market and, from the very beginning, Termowood has collaborated with Tronrud Engineering to develop a fully-automated production line.

The new production line will go into operation during the first six month´s of 2020 and will in the future produce up to 420 insulated solid wood elements per shift, per day.


From 2020 onwards, a new production line for three-layered cross-laminated plywood sheets (CLT Wood/solid wood) will be operational. This will mean that large volumes of timber - up to 25,000 m3 per year - from surrounding areas will become part of the optimal, sustainable local value chain.

The production line will primarily manufacture 40 mm 3-layer panels from spruce to be used in the TEWO elements.