Unlike in the concrete industry, it has been an ongoing challenge to develop production lines for timber - particularly construction elements - that combine efficiency with large volumes.


TEWO solves this with its standardized building block that runs on a fully automated production line. Our production capacity is ca 210 m2 per 8-hour shift.


TEWO´s manufacturing facility is located at Flaen Saw & Planing Mill in Hurdal Municipality, 30 minutes from Oslo´s Gardemoen Airport and just 55 minutes from Oslo. Both Hurdal has a long tradition of timber processing and is located close to key motorways and logistics hubs.


We have developed a standardized, insulated mass timber element for mass production.


The fully automated TEWO production line, which is one-of-a-kind, became operational in Q1 2020, and has capacity for 420 units per shift, per day.


In 2020 our own production line for three-layered cross-laminated timber (CLT) also became operational. Up to 25,000 m3 per year of locally sourced timber is thereby part of highly sustainable value chain.


The production line will manufacture 40 mm 3-layer panels from spruce to be used in the TEWO elements, as well as offered as a stand alone product.


NEWS! In 2022 we plan to develop a thinner panel as well. Aprox 20-25 mm.