TEWO´s engineering department consists of three persons and is adjacent to the production facilities in Hurdal. We offer design services from start to finish for the products we supply in direct consultation with the client and any designers involved.

We model all items we supply using Revit which is compatible with most CAD platforms. Currently, information exported from the CAD model is used for individual production lists, but from Q2 2019 onwards, the ability to export information automatically directly to the new production equipment will be in place.

The client will send us their basic design and we will customise the elements they require based on that. The dimensions of any reinforcements that are required will be calculated and integrated into the structures. The plan and sections in DWG format and a 3D model if available is advisable for the detailed engineering. Once the client has approved the working drawings, production files are generated.

We supply each specific project with a building site folder which includes drawings, assembly instructions and a checklist.

TEWO wants to play their part in helping the construction industry move towards a more paperless building site and is actively working on solutions to support this.

Contact person:
Jørgen Beitdokken
Design and Product manager
Tlf. 454 01 123
E-mail: jorgen@tewo.no