TEWO is a new, patented building element with solid wood outer layers and insulation in the cavity. The building system is based on a generic building block which is suitable for cost-effective, industrial mass production and fast assembly Read more about the technology here ››


The design department sketches out the structure and generates the elements and drawings using our specially-designed application. The production line download the work files directly from the programme .

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TWEO production takes place in its own production facilities in Hurdal, 30 minutes north of Oslo´s Gardermoen Airport.
The production line is one of Norway´s most advanced for the production of solid wood construction.

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TEWO elements are fast and easy to assemble.
The elements are shaped like rods and are inserted into each other before being tightened and fastened with just two fasteners at the top and bottom. Each element weighs less than 25 kg, so it can be handled by one person.