TEWO supplies a new, patented building system based on a structural element that has an inner and outer layer of solid wood/cross-laminated plywood joined together with wooden dowels.
The insulation is located between the outer and inner layers. The TEWO system does not have any plastic/moisture barrier inside and the technology ensures a very good indoor climate.

Each individual element weighs less than 25 kg and lives up to building site HMS requirements, so one person can handle the element.

The technology has been patented in 7 European countries.


  • TEWO does NOT use inner plastic/moisture barriers in rooms with normal humidity.
  • The TEWO building system saves time and can reduce building time by up to 70% compared to structures built on site.
  • The elements have a dimensioning vertical capacity of 48 kN - 74 kN per element (200 mm wide, up to 3000 mm high). This varies depending on the thickness and length of the elements.
  • This building system replaces 4-6 components in a traditional timbered wall. The elements can be used as finished interior surfaces, but are also suitable for mounting panels, plaster or boards directly onto the element, or laths if desired.
  • TEWO satisfies future energy requirements (TEK17/ passive house) and can be supplied in U-values from 0.12 to 0.25 according to the client´s wishes.
  • The products are environmentally-friendly and provide very good LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) scores.

TEWO supplies “exact” deliveries, so to speak, of materials to construction projects, thus doing their bit to reduce the amount of surplus materials that are used.
The delivery and design make it easier for the client to predict, with simplified planning, design and implementation.

A speedy process that ensures that building is completed in a short period of time makes for a competitive financial situation and a more predictable with fewer errors on site.