In collaboration with design studio Made, we have developed a modular wall system for interior use, based upon our patented construction system. Tewo Flex is a new system for flexible and reusable partition walls, designed to be disassembled and reassembled again and again.

Each element is mounted with a top and base rail, using the same principle as the TEWO construction system. Between the floor and base rail, a custom seal will accommodate any unevenness in the surface. At the top the wall module is, where necessary, fixed in place using a specially adapted jack, which can be adapted to different ceiling heights. The cavity above the wall module is insulated before being finished with a cover board.


TEWO Flex are partition walls constructed from Tewo elements




The walls are assembled using the same method as Tewo’s construction system


A sylomer-seal between the base rail and the wall modules accommodates any unevenness in the floor


The wall module, if necessary, is fixed in place using a specially designed and easily adjustable jack


Cavity above the wall is filled with insulation



Above and underneath the wall the cavity is
finished with a coverboard



The wall system is developed as to be able to be disassembled and reassembled again and again


Trygve Dukes
Sales Manager
Phone. + 47 930 51 500
E-mail: trygve@tewo.no 

Eivor Vik
Architect MNAL, Partner & CEO Made
Phone. +47 922 13 715
E-mail: eiv@mad.no