Termowood was established when Leif Nettum took out his patent in 2007. Nettum has more than 30 years of experience working with and developing materials for the construction industry and the first product that was developed was TermoLaft (woodworking).

In 2012, a limited company was created under new ownership and the new company patented the products TermoElement, TermoTak (Roofing) and TermoRehab in collaboration with several players in the construction industry as well as research institutes.
The company then hired Henning Thorsen to run the company, develop it and convert the products into ones that could be commercially successful.
Since its inception, Termowood has pursued its goals of developing the products and the technology that creates them. Our partner, Tronrud Engineering has played a key role in developing the product technology, while the Norwegian Institute of Wood Technology has assisted with product development.

Termowood established its head office and sales office in Drammen in 2013, before relocating its development office to Treklyngen in Hønefoss in 2014. After a short period during which the company grew and products developed further, the manufacturing facility moved to
FLAEN Sag & Høvleri AS (Saw and Planing Mill) in the municipality of Hurdal. 

Hurdal has a long history of forestry and timber processing with the focus on sustainable manufacturing.  Hurdal lies in a beautiful location along the northern shores of Lake Hurdal, in the northern-most region of Akershus. The municipal coat of arms, a fir cone, symbolises a growing forest. The forest has provided many people with their livelihood over the centuries and the municipality profiles itself as "The Sustainable Valley" (Bærekraftsdalen).

In 2018, a new owner took over the business and a new chapter began during which the number of employees increased from 3 to 16 persons, and in 2020, new production lines will be ready.


TERMOWOOD offers a new, patented concept for building in wood marketed under the name of TWEO.

Termowood´s vision is to become one of the leading suppliers of sustainable building systems to the construction industry.

In addition to the elements it currently manufactures, the company has decided to begin manufacturing CLT (Cross laminated timber)/ solid timber in order to be able to deliver a local, sustainable product from Hurdal to the national and international markets.

The aim is to use locally-sourced and primarily Norwegian suppliers in order to develop the most optimal, competitive product possible based on Termwood´s patent.

The companies core values are:

  • To be forward-looking
  • To be development-focused
  • To focus on the client and quality
  • To be competitive


Håkon S. Rognlien
Tel.: +47 92 44 79 39