TEWO Lightweight Elements

TEWO Lightweight Elements replace traditional timber framing with insulated, solid wood elements. The groove/spring function allows the elements to fit snugly together, and also makes them simple to assemble together. The elements are supplied with mineral wool, wood fibre or without insulation for things such as garages.


  • Fast construction time
  • The entire wall can be used as a wall stud.
    Finished interior wall. Can be covered if desired.
  • Can be used alone or in combination with other materials
  • If you wish to conceal equipment in the building, we can deliver the element with ready-made boxes and
    conduits for electrical installations.
  • Can be assembled without outside assistance.
  • The product can be combined with traditional timber framing.


  • Garages
  • Exterior walls in smaller cabins.
  • Annexes
  • Booths
  • «non-load bearing» interior walls.

We can also supply thinner solid wood panels with a thickness as little as 12 mm for interior cladding.


Modulbredde 200mm
Tykkelse Fra 94-144mm
Lengde Maks 3000mm
Vekt pr. element 14,5kg (144x1500mm)
Massivtre (KL-Tre) 44mm (22mmx2)
Patentnummer 20055945
Fuktsperre Ikke nødvendig i rom med normal fuktighet.
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