TEWO Rehab is an environmentally-friendly product designed to be used for post-insulation and replacement of the climate shield. TEWO Rehab replaces the traditional timber framing with insulated, solid wood elements providing an efficient and optimal method of construction.

The product is designed to be used in older buildings/ houses/ commercial buildings with poor insulation, thermal and acoustic properties. The product is supplied in two different versions, either as load-bearing
elements or non-load bearing elements. The product is fast to assemble and preliminary calculations have shown that the product is highly competitive in comparison with traditional timber framing.


  • Wall is ready for lathing and cladding.
  • Product can be supplied with 5 - 25 cm of insulation.
  • Wall studs can be fixed on the whole surface, easy to attach to an existing wall.
  • Can be assembled vertically or horizontally
  • Can be assembled without outside assistance
  • Eliminates the existence of many cold bridges
  • Cost-effective post-insulation!!


  • Detached houses
  • Cabins
  • Housing cooperatives
  • Commercial buildings

TEWO er med på et nordisk FOU prosjekt i samarbeid med Treteknisk og andre Nordiske aktører.
Produktet er klart for det generelle markedet fra og med 2018. Første prosjekt ble levert 4. kvartal 2017.