02 TEWO Roofing Elements

The TEWO Roofing Elements can be used to supplement traditional roof trusses and beams. The groove& spring function allows the elements to fit snugly together, and also makes them simple to assemble together. The product can be used in conjunction with TEWO Wall Elements or traditional timber framing. The elements are supplied with mineral wool, wood fibre or without insulation for insufflation.


  • Fast construction time
  • Finished or ready for ceiling assembly.
  • Ready for diffusion open roofing membrane.
  • Reduces the number of roof beams required, as the elements are supplied in 1200 / 1800 mm lengths.
  • Improves cost effectiveness as fewer components are required.
  • Load-bearing roof construction can be roof trusses or glulam beams.
  • The combination of glulam and TEWO Roofing Elements provides an elegant and efficient roofing solution.
  • EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) and Eco certified. (Green building rating overall)
  • Gives points for Breaam-Nor projects.


  • Residential buildings
  • Apartments
  • Cabins, annexes
  • Industrial and agricultural buildings


Module width 200mm
Thickness 280-330mm
Length 1200mm - 1800mm
Weight 330mm 10-20kg
Solid wood (KL-Tre) 80mm (40mmx2)
Patent number 20055945
Vapour barrier Depends on construction solution chosen
Diffusion open roof membrane Yes